Are The Toys Your Children Receive This Holiday Season Safe?

Toys can be wonderful gifts for children which provide great memories that they can cherish for years to come. The really special toys can be passed down through generations. Toys can also be dangerous if used incorrectly or if placed in the wrong hands. It is important to make sure that the toys our kids receive are age appropriate and safe. Here are some safety tips when buying toys for you little ones this holiday season:

  1. Read labels: Simply reading the label on a toy will give you information on the age that is intended for its use as well as how to properly use the toy.
  2. Size matters: Toys and toy parts should be bigger than the size of your child’s mouth to help avoid choking concerns.
  3. Avoid toxic chemicals: Toys should have a label “non-toxic” on it to ensure that its contents are safe for use. Be sure to have older toys that have paint inspected for lead, which can cause lead poisoning.
  4. Safety notation: Electric toys should have a “UL Approved” label on it showing that it has met the guidelines for safety.
  5. Sound safety: Avoid toys that are louder than a car horn to avoid hearing damage.

Whichever holiday you celebrate, be sure to keep in mind the safety of the gifts your kids receive so that everyone can enjoy a safe holiday season!

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