Health Plans For Businesses

Invest in your employees.
& Save up to 60%

Whether your business is small or large – whether you offer health insurance or not – we have options in Direct Primary Care for you!

You don’t have to settle for the typical expensive & non-transparent health plan for your business. Our direct care plans provide much more for much less.

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Good employees are hard to find

DirectMed DPC’s business plans allow you to invest in your workforce with the healthcare they deserve.  Provide your employees with impeccable healthcare for up to 5x less than the average marketplace plan with a DirectMed DPC membership.  

Get more for less, and pass on the benefits to your employees, too: as DirectMed DPC patients, they also save time and money with same day appointment availability and no co-pays. 

Contact us today to get started. We’ll customize a membership plan to meet the unique needs of your business and employees.

Hear from Austin business owner Neil Engelmann of O’Neills Pools on his experience partnering with DirectMed DPC for employee healthcare:

“We started using [DirectMed DPC] personally, and after experiencing the level of care and the great value that it provides, we decided to incorporate it into our team. Our employees almost don’t believe that it’s possible – explaining that you can call or text a doctor, that you have that level of relationship. Everyone who has taken advantage with DirectMed DPC has just been thrilled.”

Neil Engelmann

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