Healthy & Safe Travel Tips For The Holidays

Tis the holiday season to spend time with family and that usually includes some form of travel. Being prepared for travel can help save you the headache of late night runs to the pharmacy or unneeded stress while you are on a plane. Here are a few tips we recommended you consider before packing up and hitting the road this holiday.

Packing your bag: Before you zip up your suitcase or strap on your backpack, make sure you have all the essentials you will need for your travels. If you take regular medications for a medical condition, be sure to have plenty of pills to last you for your trip and a few extra as well. We never know when we may have an unexpected flight delay or need to extend our travels, so you always want to have your medication readily available. Most physicians are only licensed in the state they live, so calling in a prescription last minute to an out-of-state pharmacy may be difficult if not impossible. If you have frequent backaches, pack your heating pad into your luggage as well. Your back will thank you when you need some relief after a long day helping out your relatives in the kitchen.

Double check, triple check, be in the know. Double check your flight times before you head out to the airport to save you the grief of finding out that your flight is delayed and you end up stranded sitting in uncomfortable chairs with a poor selection of meal choices. Look at local traffic reports to see if roads are backed up due to construction, road closures or accidents. Being prepared for what lies ahead of you can save you the headache and stress that most people feel with holiday travel.

Take a deep breath and remember to relax. It is the holiday season and no matter which holiday you celebrate, it is a time for family and a break from your regular routine and everyday grind. Be kind to others that you come across. Try to smile more, it’s infectious. In a world where there is so much turmoil and suffering, try to help spread a little bit of kindness. Pay it forward!

Happy Holidays!

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