Direct Primary Care

Elimination Diet! What’s That?

Could food be causing your illness?

Many individuals struggle with unexplained health issues, such as rashes, irritable bowel syndrome, and autoimmune diseases, that often go undiagnosed despite initial medical tests.

Dr. Simmons explains how and why an elimination diet works.

Eliminating inflammatory foods from our diet for several weeks and slowly reintroducing them back can help us identify foods that we should permanently remove from our diet in order to help us be at our optimal health.


Is it OK if we talk about your weight?

Many patients in the traditional healthcare system feel frustrated and unheard when a doctor simply tells them to “eat less, move more” to address health issues like high blood pressure and sleep apnea.

Dr. Lessing discusses why it is so important to find a doctor who listens and treats overweight and obesity with sensitivity and empathy.

You Have The Power To Transform Your Life!

The power rests in your hands!

Integrative and functional medicine are rapidly gaining popularity and for good reason. These practices empower patients to take control of their own health and well-being through incremental changes in their lifestyle. Unlike traditional medicine, where the power to heal is in the hands of pharmaceutical companies, integrative and functional medicine focus on optimizing the patient’s health through natural methods.

Dr. Travis discusses how using a functional and integrative medicine approach with your doctor, you have the power to transform your life through incremental changes.

YOU MATTER…Just The Way You Are!

A message everyone needs to hear.

You matter. The person you are right now, sitting here reading this post, matters. You don’t have to be some perfect version of yourself to be worthy of love, connection, and support. You deserve all of those things just as you are.

Dr. Travis Simmons explains the importance of patients hearing the words YOU MATTER from their doctor and making them feel that way through their actions.