Does Your Physician Spend Quality Time With You?

Have you ever felt like your doctor didn’t have time for you?

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a different approach to healthcare that allows doctors to spend more time with patients. In traditional healthcare settings, doctors often feel rushed and patients may feel like their doctor doesn’t have time for them.

Dr. Travis Simmons discusses his frustration not only of being a physician who was forced to spend little time with his patients but also as a patient where his own doctor was not able to spend quality time addressing his care. Dr. Simmons explains why direct primary care is different and embraces the idea of genuine care with meaningful doctor/patient relationships.

Super Quick & Easy UTI Care with DPC!

What do you do when you have a UTI and need quick help?

Dr. Suzy Lessing gives an example of why Direct Primary Care is better than regular clinics.

Sometimes patients reach out to Dr. Lessing at our clinic with a text like:

“Doc! I think I have a UTI starting”

Dr. Lessing makes it easy, a typical reply is:

“I’m so sorry, can you swing by the office tomorrow morning to leave a sample? I’ll send antibiotics – start them after you leave the sample.”

With DPC getting help for a UTI is easy!

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Welcome To Dr. Suzy Lessing’s Office!

Dr. Suzy Lessing at her office

Whats included?

A lot of people ask what’s included in our membership. With us, you get unlimited texts, calls, and emails directly with your doctor- no middleman. You can also have unlimited office visits and telehealth visits. Plus, you get a yearly physical and lab panel.

Have a look at what it’s like to be a patient of Dr. Suzy Lessing and all the value that comes with your DirectMed DPC membership.

Why Do I Need A DPC Doctor?

Caring doctors

Why DPC?

Have you ever tried to schedule an appointment with your doctor only to find out that you won’t be able to see them for weeks? This is a common problem in our broken healthcare system, but there is a solution: Direct Primary Care (DPC).

Dr. Suzy Lessing explains the benefits of Direct Primary Care compared to receiving primary care in the traditional and broken healthcare system.