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FAQ – DPC for Employers

  1. What is DPC? It’s an awesome new & innovative way to visit with your family doctor! DPC is a healthcare model designed to empower the doctor/patient relationship which is the key to achieving superior health outcomes, lower costs and an enhanced patient experience. DPC provides affordable, comprehensive, accessible and personalized healthcare by having a “direct” and meaningful relationship with your family doctor. Working with DirectMed, patient/doctor interaction is encouraged and unlimited. This is the way that Dr. Ikbal helps to optimize the long term health of her patients.
  2. How can DPC benefit my company? There are so many ways! DPC offers direct, high quality primary & urgent care to patients with appointments always offered as early as same-day or next-day. The DPC model of care is not only proactive with regards to treating chronic conditions but it also places a significant focus on wellness. Keeping your employees healthy and well is not only going to cut down on sick days but will also add to the productivity of your company, which will directly translate to healthy growth of your business.
  3. Is DPC insurance? No, but it helps you save money by preventing you and your employees from having to use health insurance! While DPC is not an insurance plan, DPC medical practices decrease the amount of health insurance claims filed which cuts down on the expenditure of healthcare dollars. DPC memberships couple very well with all types of health insurance plans. The most common are high deductible and catastrophic coverage health plans which typically offer lower monthly premiums and are ideal to have in conjunction with our DPC membership.
  4. Does the employer have to pay for the memberships of its employees? DirectMed is flexible! Employers offer DPC memberships to their employees as part of their benefits package to aid in the recruitment and retention of the best employees to help grow their business. DPC memberships may be paid partially or in full by the employer OR they can be paid by the employee. Payroll deduction with ACH bank transfer is always the most efficient and cost effective payment solution as compared to credit card payments.
  5. Will DirectMed offer membership discounts for my employees? Yes, of course! DirectMed is able to provide group discounts to employers who sign up a group of their employees together. The discount is dependent upon the number of employees that are signed up with memberships as well as the type of payment structure set up for the memberships.
  6. What if my employee needs to see a specialist or go to the ER? Dr. Ikbal is very well connected! DirectMed offers primary & urgent care services which encompass a broad scope of medical care. If it is determined that the patient would benefit from a specialist consult or ER visit, Dr. Ikbal will refer her patients to her vast network of excellent, like-minded providers. A traditional health insurance plan would be utilized for any catastrophic events which may occur.
  7. What is included in the DPC membership? There are so many benefits! One low monthly or annual fee includes an annual physical with routine blood work and unlimited office visits for issues like chronic disease management, getting sick, getting injured and following up with the doctor. Unlimited telemedicine consults from the comfort of the patient’s own home using a smartphone, tablet and/or computer are also included. There are never any copays or other office visit fees to worry about.
  8. Should I expect any fees in addition to the monthly membership? Perhaps, but they are dirt cheap! Should a patient require repeat lab testing or imaging, it is the responsibility of the patient to pay for these services. In order to help our patients save money, DirectMed has negotiated deeply discounted rates for labs and imaging services with local providers. As an employer, you may elect to have the patient sign a waiver stating that they are responsible for any incidental fees that are related to their medical treatment. In the event that Dr. Ikbal feels the need to order any additional labs or imaging, the associated fees are always discussed with the patient prior to ordering. There are NO surprises or hidden fees when working with DirectMed.

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