Why Direct Primary Care?

Why should you choose a doctor in a direct primary care (DPC) practice like DirectMed DPC?  There are so many reasons, and here are just a few…

The DPC model is designed so that we, the doctors, have much more time to devote to your care!  We are not beholden to insurance companies or the financial conventions of traditional health care settings. DPC doctors have much smaller patient panels which allows us to have more time during and between appointments, deeper relationships with patients and therefore, more personalized care.

Our model streamlines communication and eliminates the frustrating limitations we become accustomed to. DPC lets you text or email your doctor directly – no more passing on messages to office personnel and waiting for responses.  Whether it be medication refill requests, lab results, or just everyday medical questions, you will hear back from your doctor directly and much more quickly.  

That level of accessibility also extends to shorter wait times for appointments. If you are sick, you can see your doctor the same day or next day in most cases. This is taking medicine back to its roots – to the relationship between a doctor and a patient with the mutual goal of improving health. 

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