My DPC Story: Episode 23 with Dr. Katriny Ikbal and Neer Patel

My DPC Story Podcast, Episode 23, featuring DirectMed

DirectMed’s Dr. Katriny Ikbal and Neer Patel were recently invited to the “My DPC Story” podcast!

My DPC Story” is a podcast by Maryal Concepcion, MD, a full-scope board-certified family medicine physician in Arnold, California. Maryal is passionate about Direct Primary Care and she believes that it is truly the “future of medicine”

In this episode, Katriny & Neer share the DirectMed story!

Learn the “Why” and the “How” behind our direct primary care clinic:

  • Why is Direct Primary Care worth it?
  • How does direct care work?
  • What testing and services are available on-site?
  • What is a free “Meet and Greet” like?
  • How do people enroll?
  • What are the business health plans like?

Podcast originally posted by Maryal Concepcion, MD at:

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