We Must Cherish Family, Friends, & Other Meaningful Relationships In Our Lives

Watching this precious video which SmugMug offered to produce to help my sister and her family share their story makes me think about my family and all the meaningful relationships I have in my life. As I grow older and wiser, I feel that time goes by much more quickly than before and I am more focused on having quality relationships in my personal and professional life. It used to be that the more friends you have, the more popular you are, which ultimately makes you happier. Right? Not even close. I’ve realized that having meaning to the relationships I have enrich my life and make me appreciate things so much more.

After leaving a traditional insurance-based practice, I was able to focus my energy on the relationships I was missing out on. Not only was I able to see my husband more, I was also able to spend quality time with my entire immediate family. One of my sisters is receiving treatment for cancer and it was important for me to slow down and be present to support her and her family in every way possible. Being involved with her through this time has not only brought our sibling relationship to deeper level, but it also makes me have a greater appreciation for my patient’s and their family members who may be going through similar situations.

This past year my husband and I welcomed our first child into our lives which has provided me with a whole new perspective on quality time. Our baby boy continues to grow, showing us how fast time flies and the importance of being in the moment. This reiterates the notion of having meaningful relationships in my everyday interactions. Every conversation and interaction I have is time away from my growing baby and I want those moments to mean something. In my DPC practice, I make sure that I am accessible and that each and every one of my patients always has my undivided attention since I realize the time they spend at the doctor’s office is time spent away from their loved ones as well. I hope to provide substance and meaning with all the people I come across in everyday life. By spending the extra time and listening to one another, just imagine how much happier we can all be. Try it out today, you might just enjoy it!

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