Happy Holiday Season!

The holiday season is upon us once again. It’s a great time to visit friends, family and relax during time off of school or work. Here are a few things to be mindful of during your festivities…

  1. Good hand washing! Dirty hands are a great way of spreading viruses to others. A little less than 40% of us actually wash their hands properly. Properly using soap and water when washing hands as well as using hand sanitizers can help decrease the spread of infection. Just remember what may be linger on your fingers the next time you bite into your favorite snack!
  2. Overeating is an issue that most of us are familiar with over the holiday season. On average, Americans have reported to gaining 5 lbs between Thanksgiving and Christmas. You may think that the holidays come once a year and that you deserve to indulge but here are some ways to help beat the bulge this holiday season. Moderation: You can have your slice of cake, just stop after a few bites. You may still enjoy the treats you love, but try a bite or two to satisfy your craving. Variety: Don’t forget all the other food groups other than those involving meat and starch. Incorporate healthy fruits and vegetables into your holiday meal. Experiment with a delicious side of brussel sprouts or healthy breakfast with fruit and yogurt. Exercise: Stop bickering with the relatives and get outside and play! Have a friendly game of softball or football. Get the family involved in a local Turkey trot. Not only will you feel better but you will also have tons of bonding time with your loved ones and great stories to reminisce in the future.
  3. Stress. Everyone seems to be in a rush especially around the holidays. Remember to slow down and respect others around you. If someone is less than pleasant to you at the grocery store or on the road, don’t sink to their level. Smile and move on! The holiday season is not only a time to enjoy your friends and family but it can also be a hard time for those that miss a loved one that is no longer around. Whether that is a bad breakup or remembering the loss of someone dear to you, it can be difficult accepting that special someone is no longer around. You are allowed to experience sadness but don’t let that get you in a rut. Healthy ways of getting through tough times can be journaling, sharing memories with a loved one or even volunteering or donating on behalf of your loved one you have lost. Remember that it is perfectly fine to feel sad at times, it is a normal human emotion. Keep up your spirits and know that you can always turn to someone around you for support.

Have a safe and relaxing holiday season!

Happy Holidays! With cute bunny holding candy cane. :-)

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